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Sat, August 12, 2017

5:30 PM – 8:30 PM CDT


Holmes Street United Methodist Church

501 Holmes Ave NE

Huntsville, AL 35801

Trideum and The Trideum Foundation will be hosting a “Community Celebration” to benefit The Cornerstone Initiative on Saturday August 12, 2017 at Holmes Street United Methodist Church, 501 Holmes Ave NE, Huntsville, AL 35801.

This will be a “Community Celebration” involving the community being directly served by the Cornerstone Initiative. We hope that everyone who attends will be inspired as we bring businesses, churches and community together to celebrate and support a great community and a great organization..

Our evening will start at 5:30 with a silent auction and time to socialize. Dinner will begin at 6:30. Greg Litton, a former Professional Baseball player, is our keynote speaker and will provide a message of the importance of “determination, never quitting and attitude”. We will also hear an update from the Cornerstone Initiative and a few other surprises.

Would you help us support the Cornerstone Initiative? Trideum and the Trideum Foundation have already covered ALL of the costs for this event. Every sponsorship and ticket sold will now directly 100% benefit the Cornerstone Initiative and their mission. Please join us.!

To help us sponsor or for more information please contact:

Lewis Hundley, 256-653-2462 or [email protected]

** Note there is alo a baseball clinic in the morning with Greg Litton and the UAH baseball team to be held at the UAH baseball field – Charger Park for Kids ages 10-14. Please contact us if you are interested.

If you ever want to know what’s going on in the neighborhood between Holmes and the Parkway, talk to Miss Donna. She’s getting on in age—somewhere in her 90s—but keeps her silver hair perfect. She walks through her community, keeping an eye on everyone and everything. Her neighborhood is part of CornerStone Initiative, a nonprofit designed to empower residents living in one of Huntsville’s most diverse areas. 

Miss Donna has lived there for more than three decades. She knows the stories of every house. She mows her own lawn, rakes her own leaves and heads up the community watch. When something seems off, she calls the police. Miss Donna is a cheerleader for her portion of the 35805 zip code.

Known as the north end of town or west side by people who grew up outside of it, this area has lost its identity over the years. Back in the ‘70s, it was one of the best places to be. S.R. Butler High School was one of the best schools in the city—go Rebels—but things changed as baby boomers moved out and the interstate came through.

These days, it’s a mix—people who raise chickens in their backyards for organic eggs, homes with toys in the front yard and happy babies playing in the grass, those who have fallen into crisis-mode or worse—a life of crime.  Read more here

As the owner of a small business, quality staffing is often a top priority (and struggle), particularly amidst the challenges of the “modern” workforce.   Myself and the businesses around me all have shared the same question, “Where are the loyal and hard workers?”

When I became involved with The CornerStone Initiative and subsequently Jobs For Life, I was introduced to a new narrative.  My community is filled with individuals able and willing to maintain sustainable employment and they all share the same question, “Who is willing to give us a chance.”

Jobs For Life bridges the gap between the needs of a community’s businesses and the economic stability of its citizens.  A resume with an incomplete education, short work history, and limited self-transportation often stigmatizes its author as un-hirable. However, the discipline demonstrated in Jobs For Life combined with the recommendation and mentorship of their champion, allows a business to feel confident in taking a risk on an otherwise unknown individual.

I have directly hired three individuals out of Jobs For Life, and have witnessed tremendous growth in each.  My most recent hire quickly rose from “a violent felon” to a “manager of operations” within six months.  Other accomplishments of these JFL graduates include attaining a driver’s license after living without one for over 11 years and working on individual savings plans and short term goal setting.

Thanks to Jobs For Life, I no longer have to aimlessly search for employees, and that is an invaluable service to this community and my business.

Alana Parker

CornerStone Board Member and owner of Rocket City Drywall



From the day we met Quez, even before Jobs for Life classes began, we recognized his good character, God-given potentials and his desire to learn and work.  Throughout the JfL classes and these many months following, we have continued to grow in relationship with Quez as we’ve worked side-by-side with him around our farm.

Quez is a conscientious hard worker with a pinch of perfectionism!  He is eager to learn new skills, is a super problem-solver, and does not hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions about the task at hand.

While chatting close to a year ago with Alana, owner/manager of Rocket City Drywall, she asked if we knew of anyone who could be a loyal, hard-working employee … one who listens to learn and gets along well with others.  Immediately we knew Quez and Gary Johnson, another JfL graduate who works with us, were the employees she was seeking.  Both were hired … and the rest is history!

Mentoring as a Jobs for Life Champion is often a life-time commitment to develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect while sharing our lives –past and present, as well as our dreams for the future.  We become family as we better understand each other’s cultural story.

It is a joy to be nearby as Quez’s self-confidence expands and our relationship continues to grow.  Over meals together, Quez has asked us to guide him in his personal financial management, and he shares his employment accomplishments and challenges.  Conversations include sharing life experiences and thoughts about current events.  When “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations were happening in Huntsville and across the country, Quez commented, “I don’t get angry … anger does not change any situation for good.  Patience creates peace.”

Wise beyond his 23 years, Quez is level-headed, gentle-spirited, forward thinking, is always grateful for the good in his life, and has a smile that lights up life for all around him … all qualities that make the world a better place.  It would not surprise us if one day Quez serves as a Jobs for Life Champion … encouraging others to become all God has created within them!

Mike & Patty Lowe