Our Initiatives


Nothing attacks one’s dignity like a lack of work! We seek to address the issues surrounding unemployment or underemployment that are pervasive in our comunity. Collaboration with local businesses and the creation of initiatives that focus on work readiness skills, workplace mentoring, and eventual job placement are key to the success of our community.


Jobs and Education alone can not address the issues that are most fundamental to the human condition. They are secondary to the main mission of CornerStone.

Individuals relationships with Christ first, then with themselves, others, and with their community are central to the mission of CornerStone. Having the privilege to facilitate and enrich those relationships is a gift that we pray we steward well.


Many individuals desire support in discovering educational opportunities that don’t leave them in debt but, instead lead to strong employment options.  Others dream of obtaining their GED’s . CornerStone seeks to promote opporutnities where these dreams can be realized within an encouraging and supportive enviroment that recognizes the “whole” individual.

Toxic Charity

Dr. Robert Lupton, of Focused Community Strategies shared at the 2014 and 2016 C4 Conferences.
“The poor, no matter how destitute, have enormous untapped capacity; find it, be inspired by it, and build upon it.” – Dr. Lupton, Toxic Charity

Incarnational Lifestyles

CSI was privileged to host President of CCDA, Noel Castelenos, in 2014 at the first annual C4 Conference. Noel challenged our community to consider “incarnational” lifestyles.

Active Board Members

CornerStone is continually seeking board members who have more than just a strong resume, but also have a passion for engaging in the community they represent.

When Helping Hurts

Brian Fikkert, author of When Helping Hurts, challenged the 2014 C4 audience to consider how our efforts toward poverty alleviation might be hurting those we were desiring to help.


Members of the Westside Community, Ron and Luis have risen up as leaders who sacrificially give of themselves to “be the change they want to see” on their streets!

Dr. John Perkins

Dr. Perkins’ philosophy of community development was not developed in a classroom or formulated by someone foreign to the poor community. Instead the principles he follows are Biblical, practical and have evolved from decades of living and working among families who are struggling. CornerStone is blessed by his friendship and his willingness to share with us at the C4 2016 Conference.


Bringing together nonprofits, businesses, city government and the faith community ~ C-4 Conference is an annual event that brings together individuals from Madison County and beyond who desire to make a lasting difference in their communities.

Church Partners

This amazing team of pastors and elders from Southwood Presbyterian Church serve as one of the “faith-anchors” that offer wisdom, guidance, and prayer to the CornerStone staff. Being anchored to such a team ensures that we never drift far from our mission.

Business Partnerships

Dale Jobes, President and CEO of Cintel has not only been a faithful partner and supporter of CornerStone since its inception, but Dale was also one of the founders and long-time board members of CornerStone.

Community Partnerships

Huntsville Housing Authority has been generous to partner in our yearly conference, share meeting space for neighborhood meetings and Jobs for Life classes, and lend wisdom through their experienced staff. Councilman Devyn Keith was not only one of our Conference Panelists, but is also one of Westside’s most amazing assets.

Community Partnerships: District 1 Councilman and Huntsville Housing Authority


The foundation CornerStone is prayer. These faithful women (two of them board members) have formed a prayer team that meets weekly to pray for CornerStone, the neighborhood and all of the beautiful people who live there.


Quarterly gatherings are planned by neighbors and hosted by neighbors. Conversations about how they can help each other and how they can make their streets better places to live are holy moments.


Neighbors who grow to know and love each other, despite differences, are what make a community strong.


What do a young mom with multiple kids and an elderly widow need? Each other!


These kiddos are the future of Westside. They are worth investing in!

Board of Directors

A board that plays / prays together – gets a lot done! Our annual board retreat is a time of laughter, prayer, and hard work. Strategies for the coming year are set, the mission is evaluated, and we have fun in the process.

Neighborhood Visits

Office hours are for the birds! If you come by the CornerStone office and find the doors locked, then take a drive around the neighborhood. This is where we long to be and love to be found… listening to and learning the stories, the struggles, and the triumphs of the people of Westside.

Caring for Neighbors

We often find that lending a hand for some yardwork is helpful, but time spent listening to our neighbors who are rich with experiences and stories, it worth more than all of the yard work in the world.

Yard Sales

The annual yard sale is a time for all neighbors to make a little pocket change and de-clutter their homes. A sense of true community fills the crisp November air as everyone comes together to support each other.


A community is only as strong as its families! We are thankful Westside is filled with families that love each other deeply.

Community Celebration

A day of community yard sales wraps up with a celebration of that very community! Fellowship over food is always great idea.

Community Partners

National Bank of Commerce has been a faithful partner in CornerStone’s annual Community Celebration. Evans Quinlivan and his team not only provide the burgers and dogs, but they arrive early to set up then stay to serve and meet the community. CornerStone could not pull this even out without them.


CornerStone treasures our volunteers. They are special people who bring a love for Jesus and his people to our midst.


After successful completion of the Jobs for Life class, it is our goal to continue in that process and create opportunities for graduates to secure employment that brings them fulfillment while financially sustaining their families.   For this very purpose, the Jobs For Life Business Network was formed.

This initiative is a network of individuals who use their sphere of influence to connect employers to potential employees.  Sometimes a candidate just needs someone to CONSIDER their resume, regardless of limited experience or education, knowing that they are serious about work. 

The JFL Business network is committed to finding employers who will do just that.

    Connect with the Director of our Business Network to learn more. Contact Glenn Turner


    Neighborhood Conversations are held on a quarterly basis.  One of the goals of these gatherings is to raise up community leaders who take ownership of the development and growth of their own street.  These meeting are neighbor planned and neighbor hosted and led. 

    Neighbors get to know each other while working together to improve their community.

    Neighborhood Celebrations are held in early November of each year.  The day begins with neighbors from the community holding individual yard sales and then coming together in the evening for a community wide picnic. 

       Being the connection point between the city and residents. Assisting them so that their voices are heard and resources are available.

      Inquire about partnering with our community or Connect with our Community Liasion Joy Martin to learn how you can be a part of the Westside Community. 


      There are “soft skills” classes in almost every community in America, teaching interviewing and resume writing skills. However, what sets Jobs for Life apart from those classes are three major factors:  (1) Biblical Approach.  JFL classes are taught using Biblical principles and even stories from scripture.  At the core of every lesson is the concept that you have value and worth simply because you were created in the image of God.  Your worth is not defined by your work, but God created us “for” good work.  Students of JFL learn to consider their God-given skills and talents when seeking employment.  (2) Champions.  JFL partners each student with a trained “Champion” who serves simply as a cheerleader for their student.  They attend class with their student, often go out for lunch or meet for coffee with their student, and always encourage their student to complete assignments and do their best. 


      This relationship not only continues for the 8 week class, but is encouraged to continue for at least one year. (3)  Community.  Each of the 16 classes starts with a home-made, family style meal.  Students, champions, instructors and volunteers all sit down and eat together, laugh and talk about their day before class begins. A strong sense of community is formed and lasting friendships are established.

      Connect with Melonie Gurley to find out how to be a part of JFL.